Did you know people spend MORE money on Pinterest than any other social platform. It even exceeds Facebook!

Questioning how to get started? What, when and how to pin? How to get people to “follow” you in order for your business to get spotted?

You need more traffic and deals — not another way to spend time on social media platforms, correct?

You want someone to simplify it all for you – to shorten and guide you step-by-step, and eventually…. to help you get more clients online!

If it is correct, we’ve got you covered! This course will lead you through how to use Pinterest for your business. We’ll even take you beyond Pinterest, presenting you how you can not only get your practical and free tools, but also how to really USE them to enhance your Pinterest outcomes.

So...what's going on here?

Our course is designed to lead you though all you need to know about Pinterest for your business. Here is a short description of the content:

  • Module 1 : What is Pinterest?
  • Module 2: Creating a Pinterest Account
  • Module 3 : Branding on Pinterest
  • Module 4: Keyword Optimisation on Pinterest
  • Module 5: Selling on Pinterest
  • Module 6: The DOs and DONTs
  • Module 7: Summary

So...why would you care?

This course is for you if you love learning new ways to shape your business. You should take this course if you are a doer; someone who will apply what they learn.  If you put some effort and determination to make any business effective, then this course will contribute to your business building knowledge space and is certainly for you!

Still hesitating about joining the course? What if I tell you that by joining this course you will:

  • Have your own expert-looking Pinterest for business
  • Use Pinterest to understand precisely what your clients want
  • Improve your Pinterest account to help people easily find your business in the prominent search engines.
  • Implement creative collaboration with colleagues and customers




This ‘Make You Business Shine with Pinterest’ course gave me the tools I needed to streamline my pinterest for my website to drive more traffic to my site. From Keyword Tips to Color Analysis, these ladies know their stuff about Pinterest! Gabby G. - Travel Writer & Blogger

When I took Rahela’s course on Pinterest I was in the middle of a, let’s say, “business promo crisis” sort to speak. Meaning, I have got my FB on handy, Instagram too, even Twitter, but I never knew how to manage Pinterest.

Sure, I had a personal one, the classic, average Pinterest profile of a 20-something girl, with boards full of pop culture, nerdy stuff, wedding ideas, recipes and interior design – but – but I didn’t know that Pinterest is more than “keeping all the interests together”, especially when it comes to business.

So in the end, after a period of constantly repinning useless stuff, I had the chance to meet Rahela and, well, her Killer Pinterest Course. This course thought me that there is a huge and complex strategy when it comes to this new “search engine” called Pinterest. I started to organize myself a bit (with pins, boards and o on) heck, I even started to design my own blogs’ Pinterest templates so people can easily share my post!

Basically, this course helped me to improve my business’ marketing strategy, it also helped me drive more traffic to my website and in the end – it helped me build a lot of relationships with other fellow bloggers!

I strongly recommend the course! You won’t regret it ! 🙂

Maria Slama - Web Designer

In one week with the Make Your Business Shine With Pinterest Course, I’ve been able to create a professional looking board that suits my business, gain 500 Pinterest followers in my first week, and get 360 clickthroughs to my blog. This would never have been possible without this course! Viktoria Andersson - Blogger

What I love about Rahela is she truly cares for people and their success! She asks strategic questions to get you from where you are to where you want to be with building your business. Rahela shares her knowledge of making connections with others and building a business through social media. I have currently launched an Amazon Best Selling book. I am excited to share this book through Rahela ‘s Pinterest Training. The more you can learn about how to exactly connect with others through social media, the more successful you can be! I would highly recommend Rahela’s training!

Lisa King - Amazon best selling author & health influencer