How fast can you build an email list? Starting your new business could be overwhelming – I know that! All the things you have to do, to manage, to keep an eye on, to make sure that everything is up to date. Also try to make sure that you are constantly in touch with different sort of people from the same niche group you’re taking part, to have everything on set in case of, well, anything!

But one thing that is quite essential for your business development is the list building. The moment you started to see the increasing numbers of your email subscribers, is the time that shows you people began to be interested in what you do. Email subscribers are your prospects, turned into leads, transformed into possible clients. It’s the key to everything.

But then you may wonder if you have to grow your list, and if you truly think it’s important, how would you do it? How do you attract people to get in your list voluntary?

Here are four essential ways to grow your list – and the beauty of it? And also advice from us: always test what suits you best!


1. Resources Libraries

So one thing that got my attention when I started my online business is that how awesome some people are! Meaning that I was scared, didn’t know what to do, where to start from and so on. And after browsing all day on Twitter or Facebook, I realized that some people were in the same position as me – and that is why those people started to create their free library of resources that could help people like me.

What does this resources library stand for? Anything! Everything that would help you boost your business. Some of the most common freebies are the following:

  • Worksheets – something that helps you organize your work better
  • Checklists – sister with worksheet, it helps you not to miss anything
  • How to’s ebooks – something that will help you get started in
  • Stock photos – those are trending right now, and they’re perfect for your “Inspirational Instagram Posting!”
  • Social Media calendar – a spreadsheet that would help you organize your posting; it could be monthly or weekly

It doesn’t have to be a full resource library, but you can always do just a little freebie, for a start. Something that you can give away from your bottom of your heart!


2. Courses

Yes, courses are an essential part of your online business if you also want to give away what you’ve learned at your time. Now you might wonder, what do I mean by courses? It’s simpler than you think.

Courses can be paid or for free. I suggest you should first do it for free to improve more on your relationships with the people around you. It depends on your niche what courses you would need to make. Like, for instance, How to gather more followers on Instagram in 10 days or just a simple Ways to improve your presence on Social Media. The key is that it has to do with the thing you are promoting. Of course, if you are a food blogger, you can easily go like Paleo 101 or even How to make delicious sugar-free cakes. It has to be something that your audience would be interested in.

And how would you make the courses? Simple, use your automation on your CRM platform! Invest in promoting your course, show your audience what will they learn about it, if it is worth it or not (it will obviously be!), and not to mention, as for a start, show them that it will be for FREE! As people see the word, in caps, they will sure enroll without the doubt.

After they are all enrolled, use your automation to send them whenever you want, the emails that will contain the value of the course – the course per se. And not to mention, try to engage with them. Don’t be robotic in those emails, don’t write only the course. Ask them about anything, be authentic, Use their NAME. Invite them to ask questions or just to send you a follow – up email. Make them feel that they’re not just another subscriber on your random email list.

Usually, those courses can be named as challenges in which people tend to make you practice more on your field of business after you finish the first module.

It’s fun to build a course; you don’t know how much stuff you could learn while teaching others!


3. Webinars

I tried to separate webinars from course for one obvious reason: webinars are the real deal these days. What is a webinar? Have you heard of a seminar? Good, then this is a workshop through the web, also known as a webinar. Webinars are great and fun when it comes to teaching fellow students or even people that want to improve their knowledge into their business. The difference between webinars and courses is that you have to, run the workshop by yourself, in real time – yes, sorry introverts! Tens, even hundreds of people can enroll in your workshop, and they all see you, which is quite creepy if you are a bit shy – I am a bit shy, and I can say that it is, indeed, creepy.

The best part is that you don’t have to be on the screen all the time, because, as all workshops have some resources, you will eventually have to present something – and how do you do that? Well with the help of slides! So yes, introverts, hooray! Place your camera on you, smile and wave, introduce yourself and then flip it to your slides!

So, the importance of webinars: you teach, you speak with people, you make relationships, you laugh, you have fun. And not to mention, you gather emails. As I said before, webinars are trending nowadays, and people always prefer to be in front of the teacher.

And after you are done with your course, you can always tell them what are you up to lately, what are you going to do in the future, you can also promote yourself a little. Not to mention, you can always use your call to action button for, like, anything!


The don’ts of list building

Even on this day, there are a lot of websites that have a pop-up shown on the bottom of the page, or just right in the corner, that just says something like Want to receive newsletters? Subscribe here!” No no no no no! You don’t do that! I won’t get attracted, as a visitor to this. I am used to those spammy newsletters that talk the same.

Be authentic, don’t be pushy. Make me want to enroll in your list. Make laugh, make me smile, make me curious. Be smart!

Another thing that is totally a no-no is adding emails to your list by yourself, meaning gather any email address you see on other websites or groups or forums. Yes, indeed, then you can think that Who knows? Maybe there would be someone who will be interested! Yes, it could be, but trust me, it’s not ethical. They will eventually subscribe. Nowadays, an email address is like a mobile phone. How would you feel if you would consistently receive some messages from an unknown number about something that you’re not even interested in? Think about it!

So that’s that, those are the three essential ways, and the simpler ways, to grow your list. There are indeed other ways, but more complicated – which I can write about, only if it’s on demand, haha! So yes, inhale slowly, close your eyes, think, and start building your list! And one thing – I would love to take part of your list as a first customer!


3 Essential Ways to Grow Your Email List