I still remember how excited I was when decided to become the entrepreneur and start a business. I’ll be honest I have no idea what is going to happen.
I just knew that I’ve got the passion and that I want to go for it.

I didn’t have any idea where to start from, where to go… I thought that I was going to be much easier. I felt completely overwhelmed and confused. I didn’t have the strategy in place. No solid strategy plan No financial plan. No social media plan. That is actually why it was so hard for a ling time. 🙂

You shouldn’t go out there before you are ready. I’ve heard many times that its good to get started and learn on the way. It is true, and it is not true. It’s is ok to leave some things that you can improve later.

Three things without you cannot start your business are:

  • The Strategy
  • Branding
  • Financial plan

The Strategy

If you put yourself out there without having any plan, you will be working day after day, not knowing what do you want to achieve and in what time do you want to accomplish the goals that you set up previously. Business without the plan is not the business but hobby. It’s too much to do. You can not keep it all in your head. You will get lost, and in the end, you will want to quit.

If you need help with setting up the goals, feel free to download FREE worksheets from here – http://bit.ly/2lfXtR0



I remember that I know nothing when it comes to branding. ? I didn’t know why is important and what does it mean. I build up the website a picked up beautiful pictures. I paid the person for the logo a that was it. I miss many other parts. The branding is not only the logo.

What is branding and where to focus on when it comes to branding you can read here! 

I’ll be brutally honest here – you can not sell if your branding is pure. You can be the good girl, and people will appreciate your kindness, but if you do not establish the strong brand people won’t gain trust in you.

The strong brand speaks for itself. Once you develop the strong brand, there is no need to be everywhere. I purchase a product (the book) recently just because the page was trustworthy. The person who stands behind just have a small chat with me – offers me nothing. We talk about something completely different. That was it. ? Believe it or not it I possible to sell without selling.


Financial Plan

There is no business in the world that people star with zero costs. If you do not want to invest, why do you think that other people should invest in working with you or purchasing your product?

It is entirely okay not spending all money that you’ve got, but you can not start your business without anything. That’s the truth.
Business is the serious thing and needs the investment and the financial plan.

Jumping from one thing to another is the waste of the time

Because I wanted to do so many things overnight, I was jumping from one thing to another. At the end of the day, I was tired and not happy with things that I have done. I waste so much time jumping from one thing to another instead of focusing on one thing and not moving to another until I get finished. That has changed when I start planning. Please, do not make the same kind of mistake that I was making.


Success doesn’t come overnight! 

I wasn’t ready for constantly going up and down. When I start learning and taking courses, I thought there would be no end. You are never fully ready. The things are changing vera fast. Now and then you need to implement new thing into your business. In the online world, everything changes fast. If you want to be due to date you need to learn and implement new stuff al the time. You can never say this is it now.

It’s totally ok to have ups and downs. In the online world, we don’t talk about our bad days. But it happens. No, once you get disappointed.

You do fantastic work and..ups! Nobody pays attention to it. You are busy and make something good but not best that you can, and you succeed.

It is ok. Everything with fall into the right place. Be patient. Trust the process. Relax and enjoy your incredible journey.


3 Points that you need to consider when starting a new business