Branding is the personality of your business – without any question! The personality means the following: from the way you behave among the surroundings and the others, to the way you think of anything. The personality is the thing that makes you who you are. So then, why is branding compared to your character?

Whenever you start a business, you always need an image that represents it – this can be considered as the exterior of a personality. The image has to be spread all over the places so that it will be easily recognizable. It’s like the M from McDonald’s, or the bitten apple from Apple, or the red and white (which turned out to build the classic image of Santa Claus) of Coca Cola, or even the color green that represents most of the eco-friendly/healthy products and business. If it’s about the image, it’s about the following: the logo, the forms, the colors – the way we think.

But branding isn’t only about that. It’s also about consistency, about the way the business integrates its goods towards the world. The core of the branding is the way the business engages with the customers, the leads, anyone. The way that the business talk, express, sells, anything! These parts represent the way we behave.

In other words, the personality of business is the same as the personality of a human being. And each personality is considered to be unique: and this is why you should always focus on the originality of the business.Without the individual elements, there won’t be any well-developed personality. And a business without a well-developed personality will fade out as fast as the speed of light. Period!

In this article, I am going to tell you where to focus more when you just started out your business or just don’t feel confident enough with your image. I am going to show you some specific keys which are essential for every project or business. So let’s start!


The Logo

Remember when I gave you the M and bitten apple examples? Those are one of the biggest companies in the world’s logos, meaning McDonalds and Apple. Even if you see an apple bitten on the other side, you think of Apple. The logo is the primary thingie that captures your business’ image. It’s the mascot, the symbol that makes it easier to memorize.

What I want to tell you is this: even if you’re not a pro designer, you can also focus on a logo formed by your name or the business’ name, in a great font. You can also draw a little line below, or add some start, or whatever! The main advice is to build something small that can be used on the website, documents, social media, images, anything that has to do with the business’ imagery.

Don’t copy other’s logos, make something that represents you, never accept a logo that you don’t like. Focus on how it looks, the sharpness, colors (the colors must be in contrast or similar to your color palette), fonts, symbols.


The Colors

Focusing on the colors is essential when you have a business. But how would you choose the colors? Well, it’s quite simple. Think about your favorite color. Think about what colors matches the business type (you can research that, you will find immediately). And combine! Voila, you’ve got yourself a color palette. Always have at least three main colors: the main one, the neutral and the contrast one. With the others, you and play with them as you want to.

Experiment, put yourself in your client’s shoes (or eyes), see if you like it or not. Those colors must be placed on your website, your logo, your templates, anything that relates to your project. Always stick to them. Colors make your business consistent, and that is always the key to growth and, in the end, success


The Website

The website is the main “online headquarters” of your business. Someone who would be interested would want to know: what is the business about (About page), who to contact (Contact page), what does it offer (Service page) and what value can the business express (Blog page). Options are testimonials, prices, promotions, offers, etc.

This is the structure I was talking about. What else you need to focus on is the way the website looks. Never over place content, let it breathe, make it clearer, lighter.

The website has to include the logo and also the color palettes you chose. Make it eye-candy. And if you don’t know how to design it and you want to hire a website designer, my advice is to send a document with all the details you want; everything has to be on paper. Don’t be too short on details because the designer won’t know what you think, and it might not end up well.


The Strategy

This is mainly for the “behavior” of the business. Strategies are a must if you want the project to work well, without any glitches. Plans save you a lot of time, allows you to focus more on the engagement part or other important tasks.

You would need to concentrate on building up a system to reach the consistency which is one of the essential keys to the business. This is why the strategy of a project means the behavior part of the professional personality.
So if you feel that you need a re-branding, something new, starting from scratch, consider those four steps on which you should focus on, because they’re essential, and they are the ones that will make your business well-known, and that will apparently, build up confidence within your potential customers.


Branding: Where to focus more on?





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