Rahela is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting online. She knows just about everything you could ever hope to know about business, and she’s a gem when it comes to explaining just exactly what you need to do.

Now, in the interest of being fair, I’m going to tell you the bad part about working with Rahela. I’m sure that you’ll realize that what she offers is worth far and above what anyone else could give you, so if you can’t handle her one flaw, that’s your loss.

English is not her native language. Sometimes she says things in a way that makes it obvious that she’s foreign.

But here’s the thing. Rahela knows what she’s talking about. What she has to tell you is exactly what you need to better your business. If it means reading past a couple of typos, well, just remember that her trouble with English is because it’s her SECOND language! How many languages do YOU speak? If you spoke her native language, she’d sound like the Goddess of Poetry.

So that’s what you need to know about Rahela. She knows her stuff, better than anyone, and she knows her stuff in TWO different languages! You can’t beat that with a stick. She’s helped me grow my business and proof my webpage, and I’ve discovered more than just an astute businesswoman: I’ve discovered a friend. She’s a good person, with a heart of gold. She helped me identify my ideal client with her free workshop, and she’s helped me find my confidence and rely on my own voice.

If you have a chance to work with Rahela, you need to jump on it. Quick.

Talwyn Scudi – Web Developer at Taliesin Coding – England


I am so happy Rahela cross virtual paths with me. Rahela and I connected at a perfect time. I was very much confused and was not sure what to do and how to go about doing everything I needed to do. Rahela stressed the importance of networking and learning, trying not to be everywhere, and the importance of having goals. It all sounds simple, but for a person who is self-employed, this is very overwhelming. And finally, Rahela believed in me and instilled confidence I so needed to start focusing on daily tasks. Rahela is always there for you supporting and guiding you. If you are looking to work with Rahela, don’t hesitate for even a second. She has the knowledge and experience!

Anna Garber – Owner/Travel Advisor of Travels by Anna – Chicago


When I took Rahela’s course on Pinterest I was in the middle of a, let’s say, “business promo crisis” sort to speak. Meaning, I have got my FB on handy, Instagram too, even Twitter, but I never knew how to manage Pinterest. 

Sure, I had a personal one, the classic, average Pinterest profile of a 20-something girl, with boards full of pop culture, nerdy stuff, wedding ideas, recipes and interior design – but – but I didn’t know that Pinterest is more than “keeping all the interests together”, especially when it comes to business. 

So in the end, after a period of constantly repinning useless stuff, I had the chance to meet Rahela and, well, her Killer Pinterest Course. This course thought me that there is a huge and complex strategy when it comes to this new “search engine” called Pinterest. I started to organize myself a bit (with pins, boards and o on) heck, I even started to design my own blogs’ Pinterest templates so people can easily share my post! 

Basically, this course helped me to improve my business’ marketing strategy, it also helped me drive more traffic to my website and in the end – it helped me build a lot of relationships with other fellow bloggers! 

I strongly recommend the course! You won’t regret it ! 🙂 

Maria Slama – Virtual Assistant from Dazzle VA – Romania