We need to communicate with our audience. How do we do that? We have different options – social media, content marketing or email marketing. Everything is about social media marketing, in the end.

Can you choose any one of these strategies?

Let’s the first explain the definition of terms.


What is Content Marketing?

That is marketing approach that is focused on creating and delivering valuable and relevant content to attract the target audience. In the end, you want your target audience to do some additional actions.

Content creation can be in the form of:

– blog post
– video
– audio
– infographic
– presentation
– Email (if you just share via email your latest video that’s content marketing. That’s not for sure Email Marketing. Email Marketing is the way more than that.).


What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the way to reach out your customer via email. Of course, you ned to get the permission to do that. One of the ways can be adding opt-in (Lead Magnet) on your web page (or social media channel) where you provide something valuable for free in in exchange for an email address.

The lead magnet sets you up as an authority in your niche. You give something of great value to your audience, and in return, you gain respect and trust.

Be careful. Just because you have somebodies email address, it doesn’t mean you can disturb them always with your pitch or latest blog post.

How Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Work Together

No, but better you do. Providing content that will answer to a particular problem of the customer is the great way to gain traffic to your site.

Most of the time people ask me what should they post. If you listen to your audience, they will tell you the best. Look around to see what problem they are trying to solve. What language do they use?


If you are on Facebook, observe. See what type of the questions they ask. If they are on some other soc media network, do the same. Listen to them. And provide them the best possible answer you have.

That way you will show that you are an expert in your area.

You might think about the fact that not all your customers are on soc media. Email marketing is then the way to communicate with them.

Always remind yourself that they don’t care about your business. I know. It sounds awful. Because your business is so much important for you. But they only care about having the solution on the particular problem.

If you get an email, from your audience, it means they want to hear from you. So don’t take advantage of your customers (or potential clients). But provide the solution.

I mention doing not send the pitch. Do not send it AT ALL TIMES. I am not saying that you should give all your knowledge and resources for FREE. But think about how much will you give for free, because if you give “everything” for free, they won’t have the reason to get an additional offer (paid offer).

I read somewhere that we shouldn’t use the word “selling.” 🙂 But selling is helping. We are grown-ups. Let’s be honest here.If you do not sell, then you have the hobby, not the business.

If implemented correctly email marketing can be the great way to increase your sales. But again, you need to have the strategy in place.

Before you close this page, remind. Social Media is where people socialize. Trying to sell directly on social media, always pitching it won’t help you. People will just lose interest and will stop trusting you. Think about the social media as the new telephone. No one likes to be solved. On soc media, you get socialized. It’s simple as that.



How Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Work Together