I need to tell you something that you might be surprised about. Fear is good. If we haven’t got any concerns, we wouldn’t have the reason to move forward. You wouldn’t question yourself anymore, and you wouldn’t have the chance to keep your standards. If you are totally freezing, you will be completely losing your compass.

I am not talking here about the fear that completely blocks you. I am talking about something natural and healthy. Do not try to avoid it. Even if you’re desperate enough, just don’t avoid your fears, or they will even increase their intensity. Ask yourself – where is this fear coming from?

What might help you is the following story.

Yesterday I watched a webinar from one of  well-known entrepreneurs. At the very beginning of the webinar, I was so thrilled to watch it and hear some very good advice that I was impressed with.

In the middle of the webinar, I still was interested, and then I felt like the person screws up all with so many offers and bonuses that go with it if you purchase.

I need to say here that the person is very well trained and it’s quite successful. Not only that the message, in the end, was completely mixed up (so many offers and bonuses and stuff made me confused, even a bit angry to be honest) but the price of all of it was super low what make me feel like the person is desperate and want to earn whatever she can with giving too much.



But what is important for her – looking at the comments and her page I can see that people find value and they work with her. What I am trying to explain is that if it works for another person , that doesn’t mean it will work for you. If you try to copy, but you don’t feel comfortable with it, you might fail.

When we see someone who is longer in business or is already successful we think this is the right way. But that’s not true. It’s his/her way of doing. That’s why it’s important to TRUST yourself. You are unique and have your talents and gifts.

If you need a little BOOST to your self-confidence, I repeat simple affirmations daily – I like myself.

Do not just think it. Say out loud so your brain can hear it. When we repeat something a certain amount of time, we start believing  it. At the beginning is hard because you are making  new habit, and that means you have to wait a bit so you it will establish well.

But later it gets easier. I’ll be honest – I hate rules. That’s why I don’t force myself to do anything that it makes me feel like I have to do a certain amount of work (to boost my self-confidence), but I am repeating the statement above like I am walking, cooking, etc. ? And quite soon I feel FANTASTIC! Try it. It works. ?

Sometimes I add – the other people like me. You can add all positive statements that might help you to feel good about yourself. If you doubt yourself and feel insecure, your audience might feel it. But you do not need to be a super hero. Having only positive emotions don’t exist unless you are on some drugs or drunk. ?

I think nurturing your potential clients with great value and genuine relationship-building makes it easier to transition to talking about your services because there’s already a rapport there (this also helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace).

I’m also a big fan of checking in with people around selling. “It sounds like you’re struggling with X. I’d love to share more about how I help clients with that exact thing – would that be okay?” Then, you’re creating a selling situation that can feel good for both parties.

If this will make you feel better – nobody succeeds during the night without any failure. Making mistakes is totally ok. When you learn something new and implement in your business, you’ve got TEST period. If doesn’t work out you can call it – the failure. But it’s not. It’s testing. Do not say to yourself – I failed. NO. You tested. Say. I am testing. This works. Or this doesn’t work. And then simply move further.

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What am I doing it all wrong? The fear of failure.

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