Is your business struggling?

Are you working long hours and seeing zero results?
Do you watch training after training, but you feel like there is always something missing?
Are you lacking clarity, motivation, and inspiration?
Do you have trouble finding the strategy that is going to work for you?
Are you terrified of failure?


You’ve created a fantastic offer for your business. You’re excited: this might be the thing that finally makes your business take off! You tell everyone you know, you post about it on social media, you write a blog. But in the end, it feels like the only person who’s impressed with the offer, are you?

You keep trying new things but aren’t sure why. You’re confused by all the contradictory business information you find on the Internet, like why you need to be on this or that social media platform. You’re supposed to position yourself as an “expert” and a “leader,” but you don’t feel confident enough to lead.

And when you sit down to do actual work, you’re already exhausted.
It feels like you respond to notifications all day, but hardly book a single client.

What you need is a guide. Someone by your side every step of the way so you can FINALLY take your business to the next level without self-sabotaging.

Are you ready for A BIG CHANGE?


Are you prepared for the EXPANSION?  

What we offer you is a community of business owners just like you, sharing insights and experience. Helping to build each other up.
Me – Rahela (business startegost) and my guest experts help many entrepreneurs to build up their business from scratch providing ultimate business strategy and branding experience they enabled them to get recognized, trustworthy and finally fully booked.
Can you imagine: 
  • knowing where is the gap and what you suppose to be doing
  • getting rid of all frustration and work with a joymore time with family and friends, instead of in front of the computer trying to figure stuff out.
  • knowing how to shine out there with the most unique image of your business and blog!



This first phase is all about making sure you’re starting on the right foot. We’ll work on focusing your message and your brand, and we’ll build your ideal audience and customer!


This phase is focused on BUILDING that audience we created in the first phase! We’ll focus on list growth, establishing authority on social media platforms, and develop opt-ins that your readers NEED.


How to turn your products or service into recurring revenue. How to make client come to you. What to do next. How to sell in a non-salesy way.








Only $585 ($1100 regular price) for 4 Week

Program INTENSIVE! You save $515.


Weekly Q&A Calls

Spotlights: particular days (once per week) where you are going to have the opportunity to get visible and invite people to work with you. At the same time, you are going to get honest feedback on how to improve your work.

Guest Experts:

INSTAGRAM training created by Robin Smith

BRANDING training created by Laura Jane Patricelli


What makes this group different?

This is strictly based on 1:1 communication. There won’t be boring worksheets that can be found at any corner of this lovely internet. Everything will be authentic, friendly, and strictly profesional…and actually, strictly FUN! 🙂

Is this group of service providers or product sellers?

This group is for both.

What happens after I sign up?

1. Celebrate! Seriously: investing in yourself and your business growth deserves a huge celebration!
2. Within 48 hours you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to schedule our initial call before the start of the mastermind.

Can I cancel it?

There is no refund for the first month, you can cancel anytime afterwards! 🙂


Rahela is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting online. She knows just about everything you could ever hope to know about business, and she’s a gem when it comes to explaining just exactly what you need to do.

Rahela knows what she’s talking about. What she has to tell you is exactly what you need to better your business. If it means reading past a couple of typos, well, just remember that her trouble with English is because it’s her SECOND language! How many languages do YOU speak? If you spoke her native language, she’d sound like the Goddess of Poetry.

So that’s what you need to know about Rahela. She knows her stuff, better than anyone, and she knows her stuff in TWO different languages! You can’t beat that with a stick. She’s helped me grow my business and proof my webpage, and I’ve discovered more than just an astute businesswoman: I’ve discovered a friend. She’s a good person, with a heart of gold. She helped me identify my ideal client with her free workshop, and she’s helped me find my confidence and rely on my own voice.

If you have a chance to work with Rahela, you need to jump on it. Quick.

Talwyn Scudi – Web Developer

What can I say?! Maria’s designs were exactly what I was looking for when I was working on my branding. She was able to take the vision from my head and put in into these wonderful graphics for me. Maria provided quality services in a timely manner. If you are looking for someone to create you powerful images for your

brand, look no further than Maria the Branding & Graphics Magician!

Ashley Schackow

Rahela gave me a golden nugget on how to maximize my presence on Facebook and share my expertise. It takes time, but doesn’t cost money. I’m a relationship builder so coming through genuinely and authentically without being pushy about sales is the style that works best for me. She helped me highlight that so that I can show up as the expert. THANK YOU!

Holly Wade – Mind, Body & Spirit Expert

Before working with the women of, I was not sure of my target market and very embarrassed by my website. As a result of working with them, I feel more confident as a business owner and I am proud of my website. Rahela and Maria were very friendly knowledgeable and patient with me. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get clear and have a great website.

Dr. Juanita Foster

I’m so pleased with my training through Smart Biz Coaching! Rahela genuinely cares for her clients, she is very thorough and will help you above and beyond. Her courses and trainings are easy to understand, clear and concise and most importantly very affordable. She is always quick to answer questions and will even coach you on what to do when you’re stuck. I look forward to learning from her more.

Bebeth Hanson – Independent Distributor








Only $585 ($1100 regular price) for 4 Week

Program INTENSIVE! You save $515.